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8:30am - 3:00pm


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(210) 310-8444

(210) 771-2160
Senior Pastor

We would like to thank you for considering us as an option to educate your child. The Tabernacle Christian Academy does not discriminate any students regardless of race, color, ethnic origin or nationality. When a parent desires to enroll their child at Tabernacle Christian Academy they must follow these admission requirements:

Admission Requirements

  1. A student enrollment application must be submitted with required documents.
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Immunization records
    3. Recommendations (pastoral, teacher or principal)
    4. Transcripts or report cards from previous schools
    5. Proof of church membership by pastor
    6. Proof of residence (cps bill or water bill)
  2. A parent interview and student interview with the principal must be scheduled to determine acceptance.
  3. Every parent is required to attend a parent orientation.
  4. A financial commitment contract must be signed by parents.
  5. A diagnostic test is administered to each student to determine their level of performance.
  6. A $350.00 enrollment fee is due upon admittance to the academy.  This fee covers the curriculum for the school year.
  7. The tuition fee is $200.00 a month due every 1st of the month.  There is only a  nine day grace period for tuition payment.
  8. At this time, the academy does not provide lunch.  Please provide your child with home lunches to bring with them.  The academy has refrigerators for lunch storage and micowaves to warm up food.
  9. Students who are currently suspended, expelled or on academic or disciplinary probation will not be considered for admission to Tabernacle Christian Academy.
  10. Students entering Kindergarten must be five years old by September 1.


Once the application is submitted and has been processed the parent will be notified to set up a date and time for the students Diagnostic Test.

Administrative Interview

Once diagnostic test is completed and has been reviewed by Administration, a formal interview will be scheduled with the student, parent(s), and the Principal. After prayful consideration, the administration will inform the parents as to their child acceptance to Tabernacle Christian Academy.